Thursday, April 25, 2013

I LIED! (Sort of.)

Hey Jammers!
Did you guys miss me? I've sure missed you! In my last post I mentioned the fact that I would not be posting on this blog again, but I lied (hence, the title of the post.) While it is true that I will most definitely be quitting the updates on this blog, I guess you can translate my previous post to this: While I will be quitting the posts on newspapers, shop items, etc, there's still the slightest chance that I might update on this blog once again. I guess we'll never know. I also made this post to mention something. Because of certain chat limitations that have been imposed on my main account, zeldagirl101 (for reasons unbeknownst to me, since I use my own email address instead of my parents), I have abandoned that account. Repeat: I no longer use the account zeldagirl101. I will now be using my other account, ZeldaRavenclaw. However, we are faced with another sad reality. I am no longer that interested in Animal Jam. I joined in around 2009 when I was still just a kid, but now I've grown into a teenager facing a heavy work-load in regards to school, and whatever free time I do have I spend on tumblr and hanging out with my friends. There's also the fact that many of my close friends that I hung out with on Animal Jam have already quit indefinitely, deleting their accounts. Therefore, I have limited my time on Animal Jam considerably. However, don't let that deter your efforts to friend me because I'd still love to chat with you guys when I have the chance! :)

--(P.S. I was feeling really nostalgic as I wrote this post, so I went back to my first posts when I was nine years-old, and I'm truly mortified? It's literally just a steady stream of consciousness from a kid, with no actual value? Maybe you guys can go back and read them, because they're really truly terrible, haha.)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Hey guys, 
I've been noticing recently that all of my previous posts have been excuses as to why I haven't been posting, and I apologize for all of the procrastination. I think I might be quitting Animal Jam. I just don't find it that enjoyable anymore. Most of my friends have already quit, and whenever I log on it seems that none of my friends are online, which ruins all of the appeal the game used to have. There's also the fact that I no longer have a clan. I won't be giving away my items just yet, because I'm actually quite a hoarder, and there's a very high chance that I might try to get back into it, but at the very least I will be quitting this blog. 
Previously the main factor of me not getting online was because my laptop broke, but I managed to get a new one for Christmas.
My friends and acquaintances are always welcome to try and contact me through other sites!
The easiest way to contact me now would probably be through my Tumblr Blog, which I check every day. Tumblr Link Here.
You can also try my blog where I'll be posting about my life. I might post pictures, my insignificant rants on anime/manga, and other stupid stuff that's not important. 
*EDIT: As I have been scrolling through my blog, I have been mortified by some very dangerous and highly inappropriate websites that people are trying to advertise for through the comment sections. As a warning, PLEASE do not click on any links just as a precaution.
Most of the websites contain highly inappropriate content that will almost definitely be giving you viruses that could ruin your computer.
Thanks for everything,

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I'm sorry to say, that although I have loved writing in Zelda's blog, it's time to say goodbye. As you may have noticed, I haven't posted in a long time, which is because of various reasons that I won't go into at the moment. I don't play animal jam anymore, thus I can't post about it.
In addition, I will not be finishing the Darkness Before The Dawn Story. I want to say thank you to everyone's kind comments. If your dying to know how the story ends, here is a brief summary.
Eventually, after being a medicine wolf in  Nightclan for sometime, I meet a wolf named Speedyclaw. I meet his sister, Faststar, who owns a clan called Ironclan. I join that clan and become a warrior with a new name: Whiterose. Soon after I discover that Silverkit (aka Silvie) is still alive, now called Silvermoon. It turns out that she had been possessed by a phantom. The phantom, (thorugh silvermoon of course) tells me it was her that in fact killed my mother. Silvermoon cast a spell on me, cursing me to be blind in 12 moons. In a turn of events Silvermoon (rather the phantom controlling silvermoon) takes me "hostage." In an attempt to save me, Graystripe attacks her. At the same moment Graystripe pounced however, Silvermoon sliced my throat. As a result, both Silvermoon and I perished. Pleading with Starclan, Graystripe brought me back to life.
      Afterwards, I continued to be a warrior in Ironclan. We went through many struggles wich I can't go into much detail at the moment. Speedyclaws and I married that spring. We never had children. 12 moons after the Silvie ordeal, I became blind like the curse said. Devastated, I didn't eat or speak for days. I had to become an Elder early on because I could not see. Later on, i got my sight back, but it is too long to explain in this summary. After Faststar left animal jam, I became whitestar and made a clan called Dawnclan. Many former Ironclanners came to my clan. But suddenly, Faststar changed her mind and started playing animal jam again. Thinking I "stole" her clan from her, Faststar was enraged. And thus began the war between Dawnclan and Ironclan.
To this day there are youtube videos of Ironclan attacking us XD

Friday, August 17, 2012


Alright, I know that I haven't been posting that often, or even been on Animal Jam in general. I have an excuse, I promise! 
My family is moving, and so I've been pretty busy cleaning, sorting, packing, and generally whatever my mom wants me to do. (Even if it makes no sense.) 
That's why I haven't been on, and I apologize to all of my friends that were sending me stuff for something (super secretive), but sadly, it probably won't work out anymore. 
I'll still send your stuff back, you'll just need to help remind me, since I'm pretty forgetful.
(P.S. If you see any posts published two times, I accidentally published all of my drafts?)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to get Plaques!

Admittedly I am a very lazy person, and I apologize for my hiatus on this blog. I just find it troublesome to post every time something interesting happens in Jamaa, especially since it happens almost every day. Also, whenever I try and get on Animal Jam, it doesn't work. The other day I spent almost an hour at my desk with the loading screen. I have to take the pictures, and then find something interesting to go along with it, but here I am again!
Disclaimer: These pictures are not mine, and I do not claim credit for it. I found in on the blog Animal Jam Fire, and I realized that there might possibly be people reading this blog that don't follow the other blog, so I decided to share. make sure to check out the blog here:
So here are some pretty epical plaques that I will never receive because I'm not an active part of the Animal Jam community! Except I am participating in the Jamaasian Movement, so there is that going for me.

The first plaque is the Artists Plaque:
To receive this awesome plaque, your work must be featured in Jammer Central!
 This is the AJHQ Plaque! To receive this award you must send a letter, and I mean an actual physical letter, to Animal Jam Headquarters. Put your username as well, or else they won't know who to give the plaque to, and your letter will be for naught.

 To get a contest plaque you have to win one of the animal jam contests. I know this will never happen to me, but I happen to know that many of you Jammers are very talented! Good luck to everyone who is going to try and receive this plaque. 

 This one is probably by far the easiest and less work in my opinion! To receive the Howl Plaque, your Howl has to be put into Jammer Central, which is fairly easy because even I've done it.The Howl Plaque is the most aesthetically pleasing in my opinion, but they're all awesome and I have respect for everyone who has one. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Item!

Yes I know I know I haven't been really blogging on this certain blog, I've been writing on my life/random blog. But I felt kind of bad that I wasn't posting, because then bunnylove3 might feel like she was holding up the fort all alone and that made me sad, so here I am. We've got a new item in Epic Wonders, it's a crystal chair! yay! how exciting! :D

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Writing Contest Winner!

        Now is the time to announce the winners of the Writing Contest! I appreciate all the hard work you all put in to your wonderful stories. It was a hard decision, but there can only be one winner!
The winner is..............................................
Jdwood2! Congratulations!

The winning story can be read below:

~The Last Dinosaur~
          Long, long ago in Jamaa, before the wolves and animals of all sorts ruled, another creature was dominant. Dinosaurs. Colossal reptilian creatures such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Plesiosaurus. these creatures were massive and had the physique of lizards and such. their heads held small, instinctual, and not very smart brains. Some were herbivorous or some were carnivorous.

          But there was one plesiosaurus, a dinosaur that swam in the deep blue ocean, who was smarter than the others. his mind was not tinted by evil phantoms or the instinct to kill. This dinosaur sensed things, things no other would know of until they happened.
He knew the era of the dinosaurs was soon to end. The volcano behind the Temple of Zios was spewing black smoke and lava seemed about to pour from its rocky peak He had a plan, a plan to escape this disaster and be the last dinosaur of Jamaa.
          The next day he packed some fish and and herbs in a large palm leaf as a sort of tote bag. This dinosaur had no friends, the other dinosaurs were cruel and nasty to nice, intelligent dinosaurs like him, so luckily he had nobody to take with him.
He set out, swimming through a chilly river that led from the Crystal Sands, his home, to Mt. Shiveer. The river got colder and colder as he paddled nearer to a cave in Mt. Shiveer where said river led to.
Along the way he saw other dinosaurs bathing in the river and lying stretched out in the sun, as if nothing was going to happen. But he knew. He knew the era of the great dinosaurs was going to end.
         As he arrived in the warm hot spring area of Mt. Shiveer, it started. Everything around him seemed to be on fire or covered with ash as the volcano behind Zios exploded and shot flaming ash everywhere over Jamaa.
This volcano was huge, and when it did erupt, it was a disaster to all of Jamaa. The only safe places were in caves and underground. Our friend used this to his advantage.
Seeing an opening to a small cave next to the hot springs, he desperately swam with all his might to the entrance. He tried to avoid the embers falling from the sky, but his attempts were futile and in return he got burned where the embers touched him.
He reached the entrance to the small cave and looked back to see the world being destroyed around him. It was cold. Very, very cold in this cave. The plesiosaurus laid in the small water puddle that formed in the bottom of the cave, thinking death would soon be upon him.
       This dinosaur stayed in that cave and watched the world of Jamaa go into its Ice Age, his hunger and thirst depending on only fish and cave water. The plesiosaurus felt himself getting colder and colder until he thought his blood was being frozen. After a while of being at a subzero temperature, He realized, he was literally frozen. He didn't know how, but he was still breathing and could move his eyes. But all of his body was imprisoned in the ice. He couldn't move and his food pack was flat on the ground below him, also frozen in the ice. He felt hunger and death creeping up upon him. He couldn't move, he couldn't eat, he was just.. there.
          In the new world of Jamaa, animals came to bathe in the hot springs. They always look at the plesiosaurus frozen in the ice and wonder how he got there. They think he was on a brave quest and somehow got there, or fell asleep and woke up frozen, the jamaasian animals had many fables about this dinosaur.
Some think of him as a picture of bravery and determination, for they learned it from their fables. Some say he is still alive, Some say that they see his eyes blink at them. They think he is still alive.
~By: Mightyheart (jdwood2)

Thank you all for entering. Everyone did a great job. You can now read the winning story on the Stories page!

Keep your eyes open for new contests! *wink wink*

Keep on Jammin'

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Foxes Are Here!

Hello everyone! I have some exciting news for everyone! Foxes are now available in Jamaa! They're super adorable, although I had to recycle one of my animals and play games for a while in order to get mine though.
My favorite part about the Foxes so far is probably their play mode, except when I first tried it I was in the water! Putting that aside, we also have the Jamaa Journal!

 As you can see the headline is all about Foxes! That was the only thing that really interested me in this volume sadly. But hey maybe it's just me. Also The Summer Carnival prizes and accessories are 50% off so be sure to head over there for some great deals!

 I'm pretty pysched about the turtles, because turtles are really cool and they're some of my favorite animals. Too bad we have to wait for 2 weeks until they're available.
 Hmm.. I would be very happy about this, except I'm not very good at artwork. I do take pride in my writing though, although I have trouble letting anyone read it. Good luck to everyone participating! 

This one has me a little bit confused, because members can just buy the stuff from their den, right? You don't really need to go all the way to Coral Canyons in order to buy it. They should be working on more important stuff instead of useless shops, but that's just my opinion. I suppose it is aesthetically pleasing...
 I think this one is pretty cool. I wonder if the sound applies to games as well, I hope so because it's rather annoying when you want to listen to music or something while your earning gems, and there's this annoying game background music. lol. I wasn't paying attention while I was earning gems earlier.